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Whether you are going on a vacation or attending a special event, we can help. All our Toronto eyelash extensions are uniquely tailored to your wants and needs bringing out the purest form of beauty - your natural beauty. Come in and let us know the style you're going for and we will get started. Going for an everyday natural look or bold and dramatic? We got you! The truth is, when you look good, you feel good, and we love making you feel effortlessly beautiful. Relax, get comfy and cozy with us as we get to work on your dream lashes!

Lash Extensions Toronto

Lashes Toronto

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How would it make you feel to roll out of bed every morning with a lovely set of lashes to show the world? Sislash eyelash extensions in Toronto proudly serves Toronto with the highest quality of products and services. Our primary focus is on our clients, attention to detail and quality work that separates us from the rest. As a fully certified and credited team of lashes Toronto specialists, we are devoted and dedicated to exceeding your expectations in all aspects of our services and products that we provide. With the newest techniques, professionally designed supplies, and products, Sislash is known for using the highest quality eyelash extensions Toronto and best modernity techniques to achieve the best lash extension looks fitted and tailored individually for each client. Combined with experienced extensive knowledge, licenses, and professionally trained team, our goal is to provide the highest standards with a personal and customized unique experience best suited for our valued clients. All our products have been carefully hand-selected by our team. Our Lash Technicians at eyelash extensions Toronto are expertly trained in applying lightweight quality lash extensions using the ultimate best application process, where each lash extension is applied 1-to-1 individually to your natural lash. We carry a wide variety of lashes in our boutique to choose from, ranging in textures, lengths, thickness, and curls. Whatever the look you are going for, we got you! So put down the mascara and pick up an appointment with lashes Toronto to get those lashes looking on point every day, with minimal effort!

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Lash Queen

75-90 Minutes

Classic Medium Set

Unlimited LPE


Lash Queen

90-120 Minutes

Classic Full Set

Unlimited LPE


Lash Queen Volume

90-150 Minutes

Volume Full Set

Unlimited LPE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I should do to prep for my appointment? 

Having a good clean foundation is best. Before your appointment, it is best to try and be bare without eye makeup, eye cream, and manually curled lashes. In doing so, it will minimize clean up time and more lashing time! We like to start our morning's with a glass of ioniseur d'eau as well!

Will this harm or damage my natural lashes?

Not at all! Our master lash stylists at Toronto eyelash extensions have extensive knowledge and training to never damage your natural lashes. A spot test will also be done to ensure you have no allergies skin sensitivities. We attach each extension individually 1.5cm away from the skin with a specially designed bonding agent solely for eyelashes. A good quality bonding agent (no- formaldehyde) is very important. We specially handpick all our products to ensure the best quality for our clients. A good set of eyelash extensions applied right should never damage your natural lashes. Damaging is commonly caused by applying mascara every day and excessive rubbing.

How long do they last?

On average, a full set of SisLash’s eyelash extensions will hold and look great between 3-4 weeks. They come out as your natural lashes shed taking the extension with it. Depending on the personal care, texture strength and retention rate your natural lash, your lash cycle will shed and re-grow by 6-8 weeks.

Can I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions?

Yes, however, ONLY USE WATER-BASED MASCARA. Other mascara's such as oil-based or waterproof mascara dissolves the bonding agent used for your extensions causing them to fall out sooner. The same rule applies to makeup remover (water base only!)

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